The Newsroom

Wow. I love this show. HBO actually put the full first episode online.

I loved watching the decision that the main character finally made to stop saying all the things that were expected and spoke his truth instead.

Swallowing the proverbial “red pill” as it were…  going somewhere from where he could never return… letting go of that invented self he had put out there for years.  That’s self that was driven by external pressures rather than from what he knew was true internally.

The rant was excellent.  I love how he referred to the Liberals as losers and the Conservatives as idiots. Of course from where I was sitting it was easy to see he wasn’t calling the people losers or idiots just the modes of thinking that they were so mired in.

This gives me a moment of optimism that perhaps, finally,  the hypnosis most people I see around me lost in has the possibility of being broken and that the critical mass that has yet to be reached will finally erupt… so we can  get to a place to start from where we can ask better questions of what we want for ourselves and the world from a standpoint where we recognize there actually is no difference.

Maybe, just maybe, we are beginning to recognize another kind of thinking that has the possibility of becoming more prevalent…

Link to Full Episode:


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