No One Cares About Your Business More Than You

no-one-caresThere are countless stories of people who have decided to “get out of the rat race” or to “do their own thing” after voluntarily or involuntarily leaving a place of employment. The excitement is palpable at first, the whole potential of not having to work for some else’s dreams or goals or vision… and you can finally strike out and do what you most love to do. But there’s the thing that many of these individuals failed to realize… no one cares about your business more than you.

So, by the very fact that you have printed up some business cards from an online site that you got really cheap, gotten a web site that your nephew’s cousin in high school or junior college threw up for you on a weekend you should be ready to go. The phone should start ringing and the e-mails should start pouring in. By the sheer fact that you have informed the world your offering even exists that should be enough. But whoops… you forgotten that truism once again… no one cares about your business more than you.

So nothing much happens. That yearning to increase growth and outreach doesn’t seem to really go anywhere. Knowing what you must do, and just as importantly the attitude you must have in order to have the business you really want eludes you. You have some tools but you don’t know how to use them so they will actually have the impact you want to be having, where your life and your business are complimentary expressions of the same thing.

So what is the difference between those who do have businesses that enjoy real success & impact and those that don’t? Well the answer is… you guessed it… the realization that no one cares about your business more than you. You must get out and let people know what you care about- most deeply, personally and profoundly. It’s what people are looking for in a world where choice is ever expanding and time & attention is ever shrinking. Simply being good enough to provide a product or service has been reduced to nothing more than background noise. Nothing short of the extraordinary, the clear resonance of a voice that is completely a consistent and congruent expression of something remarkable and valuable is going to get through anymore, will ever have a chance of being really noticed, talked about, and remembered.

So here are the questions I leave you with. What do you care most deeply about? What is it that, when blended together with your passions, talents and interests allows your product or service that will make the people who will truly want and need what you have to offer, take notice? Until you know… your growth, impact and outreach are going to be at best, very limited.

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