What Are You Holding on to?

what-are-you-holding-on-toFunny thing about how the human hands work- they can hold onto something, clutch something, and they can release it. Try it with any object you care to experiment with.I am assuming you are thinking about something you can hold onto- anything. Clutch it really tightly. Now imagine that there is something else you want to have instead– something that is much more appealing- much better for you- and you know it.

So, the thing to do, the simple, simple… so simple that it might seem for the moment to be be ridiculous to even mention it … is to release what you are clutching onto to get that instead.

So— go ahead. Let it go.But wait…

There seems to be glitch in the plan, as many of us know.

That whole letting go of what we’re holding onto part.

Yes… that would require letting go of what we are holding onto.

Without a sense of consistency, without a pervasive sense of of who it is we are becoming, and how each moment is either moving towards or moving away from that, behind what were are holding onto and what we are reaching out to have next, it can be so scary as to preclude any sensibilities we may have around the
subject… even though it is so simple… a sensibility that goes beyond anything rational or logical.

Without being aware of a sense of who it is we are being and who we are becoming, and that the thing we are holding onto needs to be let go of in order for that to continue to unfold, the process of letting go can feel impossible to realistically consider.

Not to say being aware of it makes it suddenly feel OK- it still is uncertain- but uncertainty and fear are not the same thing.

It is a difference though to consider letting go from that vantage point whether it be things like a death, a breakup or divorce, loss of a job, child leaving the nest— or even more seductive at times, things like newly falling in love, a new job, or parenting a new child.

Consider this, the moment you are reading this— that’s it. You will never have that moment again. It’s gone. It’s never the same thing. It’s always a different day. A different hour. A different minute. A different second. And it’s the only one quite like it and it’s only there once.

Who you are becoming becomes the only constant. That’s it. And when we hold on to that which is time to be let go, we simply take ourselves away from that becoming- into something based on something historical- something that was, not something that is. In the illusion of holding on, we actually are taking ourselves way from the only thing we can “hold on” to in a larger sense- the sense of ourselves that, while may not always feel good- or comfortable- or familiar- will in fact always give us what we really want in the first place…

Our connection to who we really are.


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