For many years now I have focused on helping businesses in the Triangle grow and prosper and know that when when people clearly identify who they are, what they do, who they most want to do business with, and are centered on helping those around them succeed–they can’t help but succeed themselves. Working with Mike Davis helped to clearly and consistently identify how I am when at my best and most productive as well as what I do for people in a crisp and clear way. This has helped me be even more effective through all the ways to communicate–both online and off–in helping others to get where they want to be in their professional lives.

– Stephen Hand
Executive Director at Business Networking International (BNI) Central North Carolina

After working with Mike I am working smarter, not harder. I am seeing higher revenues because now I know the types clients I should be working with, and who I should be talking with rather than wasting time on the wrong people.

-Tim Hinton
Financial Advisor, Principal Financial Group

When I sat down with Mike I thought it would be a typical business growth conversation, but it was everything but typical. During my time with him, I found out how I am when I am at my most effective. Mike then showed me how to take this experience and integrate it into my work. After working with him, I don’t just survive my work day, I truly enjoy it. And for me, the more fulfilled I am within my career the more productive I will be on a day to day basis.

-Ian Brinkley
LUTCF Sales Representative Liberty Mutual Group

What Mike Davis presents is bold and challenging for business people.   After working with him I am aware of how I got where I am as well as more focused on where I am going — and I’ve carried away skills ready for immediate use in day-to-day business.

-Tyson Laney
Realtor, Caldwell Banker

I would recommend working with Mike for any business owner whose mindset is directed towards enjoying financial success coupled with personal fulfillment in business. Two thumbs up!!

-Don Long
Owner / CEO 3 Sides Design LLC

I recently attended Mike’s “Discover Your Winning Edge” program and was blown away. This isn’t just about building your business.  The way Mike brings you to a true understanding of yourself is both exciting and liberating. You are already on your journey. Why do it blindly? Mike will remind you how to see. I recommend working with him to anyone.

-Julie Russ Hackett
Vice President | Private and Business Banking, Durham, NC

I wasn’t sure what to expect, but it was time well spent. Mike is particularly perceptive and unafraid to challenge, push, and guide to keep you “in check” – in check with your assumptions, hesitations and passions and keep you on the path of greater self-discovery and direction.

-Dr. Belinda Chiu
Owner | BChiu Consulting

When I’m speaking about Mike Davis to other people, I refer to him as The Laser, because he has an amazing ability to point with laser-like precision to the root of whatever issue is at hand. Mike is a no-nonsense kind of guy and it shows in the work he does with his clients – he knows the results he’s looking for and he doesn’t stop until he gets them. There have been countless times when I’ve come to him confused and unsure about something and left the conversation with a clarity, confidence, and sense of purpose that I couldn’t have even imagined possible beforehand. I don’t know how I would have made it through the last few years without him.

-Karen Gordon
The Self Healing Coach, Nyack, NY

I found it really valuable to learn how to identify and intentionally focus in on the cues that indicate when I’m at my best. It’s one thing to recognize what my internal thought patterns are, it’s quite another to actually be aware of how I am physically when I’m here. This has also helped me to recognize when I’m not at my best, and to more quickly recalibrate back to this place where things are clear, and I’m floating down river instead of fighting the current.

-Hope Marasco