What Should I Do?? Making Good Decisions

What Should I DoWhen considering any decision you make, how do you know it’s the “right” one?

What would your life be like… if you knew, every time, what making good decisions were- that you were making were the correct ones, and that you would know in an instant what was the right decision and what wasn’t?

The way to make these types of decisions is in actuality obvious and simple.

The truth is, I could spell out what the answer here in a couple of sentences. AND, unless you were really ready to hear what I was saying, it would more than likely be just a footnote in your memory, if it even really stayed there at all.

However, if and when one is truly starting from a point of readiness, a “ready for anything” place, where all things are possible… and the only question is “what to be doing next”? Then the same 2 sentences can have PROFOUND impact. This is the key.

Deciding to Decide

Some people will spend a lifetime almost never starting from a place of “being ready for anything”. If they do experience it, they may very well think they’ve “lost their minds” or perhaps associate it with a particular person, place of situation- and do everything to get back to the familiar worlds of limitation and what they think to be under their control. This may not even be what they “want” to do- it’s just what they’ve become so entrained to do it they won’t do anything else.

This is why most people who come across what I am talking about will move on with blinding speed. This is because they have decided that unless what they are reading or hearing or seeing matches with their view of how they think the world should be, that it has no value to them. The only thing they value is what perpetuates their limiting view of reality. When a person or a product or a service of some sort can package an experience that promises something more, better or different to these types of people, that’s just the hook they need to stay where they are but at least probably temporarily feel better about it.

Then, there are the few (the very few) that will come across this and be scanning for something different. They already know that there is something… something more… something that has been almost you might say calling to them… sometimes for days or weeks… sometimes for years… and that they are truly ready to “go” somewhere else entirely. These are the sorts of people who have what I refer to as a willingness to shift the way they hear/see/feel what the information that they are getting, and that’s the decision that makes the difference. That’s the starting point from which an impeccable decision strategy can transform the quality of their lives. They are filtering for something quite different. They get that there is a way they can be in which the world is whole and complete. Like this, a simple sentence can make an incredible difference.

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