Which Side is More the Quarter?

Which Side is More the Quarter?When we do anything in the world whether in our business or personal lives, there can be a tendency to think of it as purely an action… but this is wholly inaccurate.

Being is absolutely inexorable from doing. A great way of illustrating this is a question my mentor Dr. Joseph Riggio asked me last October- “which side of a quarter is more the quarter- George Washington or the Eagle?” My brain kind of melted for a moment and I answered, “Neither, of course- you can’t have a quarter without all of it.”

The reality is that there is no possibility of doing anything without asking “who we are being in order to produce the outcomes we’re producing?” This also means that, if looking at it from the other point of view… “in light if the results I am producing, what has to be true about who I’m being?”

Unfortunately from what I see, there are far too many people who have no idea how to answer that question, so they go around doing things that don’t get them the results they know they want and can have, and have no idea why. They compound this by living in a delusion that they will live forever. If they don’t take some sort of action that addresses their being… they will in fact likely be dead and gone a long time and nothing will ever have changed for them.

So when I ask those few people willing to really ask, “what is it you want to be true of you in your work that isn’t… yet?” The ramifications of really knowing and living inside of that go well beyond an answer that is somehow disconnected with how someone will show up in the world. And when I say “show up” I specifically mean doing something and producing some real, tangible results.

As I have been getting more effective at what I do, I realize that a piece that I’ve missed has been presenting what I do in such a way that allows anyone to think the experience they have of themselves when they work with me is nice, or somehow “cool”… akin to, as “a pleasant buzz from a glass of wine in the evening”. What has been missing has been presenting it in such a way that it is clear that in being able to change the very ground of being someone stands on in relationship to their work, what they do and the results they produce will invariably change.

In other words, when someone is living inside the structure (the being-ness) of what must be true in order for them to have the type of business they truly want, they will invariably produce radically different results in the world around them.

So… assuming you may be up for the question… what is it you want to be true of you in your work that isn’t… yet? And what are you willing to do to have that finally be true for you?

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