Do You Know Your Own Optimal Leverage Point? DRAFT

Mike Davis, The Decision Coach

Hi, Mike Davis.  I – and many others – know beyond a shadow of a doubt that the most successful people absolutely love their work. This joy permeates every aspect of their lives. It allows them to leverage what they are naturally best at to produce the results they want.
Yet, many people don’t know how they’ve ended up where they are now, instead.
I am passionate about helping you zero in on what, precisely, that leverage point is for you so you can have the success you most want.
I define “success” as building the business you most want while experiencing a deep sense of satisfaction and fulfillment while doing it. I will then capture your value and then help make sure it’s communicated in such a way that it helps you get where you want to be going without any further delay.
We offer programs to the public several times each year and custom tailor them for our clients as well. Read the blog posts (hey, I wrote them for you) – and our testimonials (hey, our happy clients wrote them for me!).

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