About Us

Mike Davis, The Decision Coach Hi, I’m Mike Davis, President of the Decision Coach Web Development Services.  We have over 19 years of experience in helping businesses create and mange effective web presences.We focus on these important areas:

  • Identify your core message and target audience(s)
  • Assessing how well you are getting that message across
  • Helping you increase the quality of the relevant leads generated and percentage converted into clients

If you want to ensure your messages are working for, and not against you, contact us at: (919) 435-4832 to schedule a free evaluation.

“For many years now I have focused on helping businesses in the Triangle grow and prosper and know that when when people clearly identify who they are, what they do, who they most want to do business with, and are centered on helping those around them succeed–they can’t help but succeed themselves. Working with Mike Davis helped to clearly and consistently identify how I am when at my best and most productive as well as what I do for people in a crisp and clear way. This has helped me be even more effective through all the ways to communicate in helping others to get where they want to be in their professional lives.”
– Stephen Hand , Executive Director at BNI, Central North Carolina